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Meet our Team


Abigail Lee,


As a counsellor and play therapist in private practice, I firmly believe in the therapeutic power of play to bring about healing and restoration for children and their families. With play being the natural language of children, and toys being their words, I continuously marvel at the insight they glean in the sessions. Just like how a plant needs water, children and their families need encouragement as they press through the challenges of life. What a joy and privilege to come alongside them and experience healing through PLAY!

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Ng Sook Wai Jaime,


Stressors faced by families are often seen as a part of life, unexamined in our hurried circumstances. We become perplexed, stressed and anxious. I see my work as providing a pasture in the city - a pasture to lie down, to look around, to pause. I hope the pauses will offer us better recalibrated lives. And to feel a lot better.  

Helping families and professionals grow healthier through play, offering playfulness in work, in families and in relationships has been very rewarding.

Let pause. Let play. 


Joanne Ng,
Honorary Secretary

As I work with children diagnosed with cancer, I am inspired by their amazing capacity to express themselves in the magical world of play. I hope to help them move towards healing and growth, developing stronger and more connected relationships with their parents through play.

As a child I loved going on adventures through imaginative play! Now as a therapist, I enjoy engaging with sensory materials, working in the sandtray and any form of creative expression in the playroom.

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Lim Shen Yong,
Assistant Secretary  

As a teenager awkward with words, play provided a platform to explore, learn and heal. Now as an adult who is more comfortable with words, play is a platform for me to connect with my youth clients. Play has no age limit but the potential to help youth-at-risk to gain greater insights and transform to responsible individuals.

As a huge fan of Doraemon, I loved how Nobita, together with his friends, learnt through their trusting relationship with Doraemon. I want to be like Doraemon to my youth clients, supporting them through our therapeutic relationships.


Dr. Alicia Pon,
Honorary Treasurer

I am a strong believer and an advocate of the use of play, sand, arts, and somatic experiences. I utilize somatic work, play and sandplay therapy in my work with my clients and teach on these modalities in the community and the University.  

Like Virginia Axline (1947), I believe that all meaningful change comes from within. Hence my goal as a mental health professional and an academia is to leverage and maximize each person’s innate abilities and potential for healing and transformation.


Gladys Hu
Assistant Treasurer

Play is the vehicle by which children can express themselves. Play is also an activity that engages our behaviours of social connection and feelings of pleasure and safety. I believe that through play, we can discover the world and perspective of a child and provide the support needed for them to thrive and grow. In my practice as a therapist in both the community and private setting, it is a great joy and privilege to be able to journey with the children through play to discover each unique story and witness each growth.


Cheryl Lee

Committee Member

As an expressive arts therapist and social worker with strong passion in working with vulnerable children, I strongly believe that children (and everyone across all ages) learn, grow and heal through the creative arts and play.

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Desmond Liew,

Committee Member

I am a father of 2 boys. I believe that miracle can happen in the play room. The play room is a place of transformation. It is a place where the child can see his own existence; the child to discover he has a voice; it is a place where the child make many decisions; It is a place where the child find his destiny and the strength to live it. The play room is a place where transformation can take place.

Siew Leng.jpg

 Sng Siew Leng,
Committee Member

Children are most ALIVE when they are having fun ( adults too). However, the pace of our society, and our circumstances does not allow our children to have as much fun as they deserve and sometimes, they have to grow up before they are ready. 


As a counsellor who uses expressive play in my session, I hope to create a space, hold a safe space for a child (teen or adult) to learn to be child-like again, to be alive again; to connect authentically to their own emotions, to connect back to their own self. 


Play brings back the aliveness in all of us.


Tay Puay San
Committee Member

I believe in connecting with children, youth and their families through a combination of expressive art modality, play therapy, symbol work and family work to bring out the best in them. I am grateful for the opportunities to experience healing through play alongside with my young clients.  

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